Now clean it up…

In our attempt to clean up software engineering and make it a more rigorous profession, I assert that testing is one tool that will ensure that the discipline produces consistent results and repeatable quality. Testing should be at the forefront of a developers’ mind, but in most cases it is an after thought. I suppose this is a reflection on the human condition. We are forever optimists hoping that our artefacts will stand the test of time.

Well I don’t live on hope and for me life is a set of precise constructs. Gravity always wins and code breaks. So lets get test-infected.

Writing a good tests assumes:

  • A knowledge of the domain or access to a subject matter expert – can be the product owner
  • An adequate tests framework
  • A testable architecture

As someone once said, “any one can write a programme, it takes a disciplined developer to write code with tests”.

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