Refreshing Exceptions…

Ever faced the cryptic exceptions that leave you red-eyed from looking at the debug window and inspecting automatic variables? Well if you have spent most of your adult life making money from software development, the probability of this happening is fairly high. So when you encounter an exception message like the one below, you kind of know that the software/API has been developed by developers that care:


WorkOrderTests.ShouldSaveWorkOrderDocument : Failed

Test method WorMaSysUnitTests.WorkOrderTests.ShouldSaveWorkOrderDocument threw exception: 
System.InvalidOperationException: The maximum number of requests (30) allowed for this session has been reached.
Raven limits the number of remote calls that a session is allowed to make as an early warning system. Sessions are expected to be short lived, and 
Raven provides facilities like Load(string[] keys) to load multiple documents at once and batch saves.
You can increase the limit by setting DocumentConvention.MaxNumberOfRequestsPerSession or DocumentSession.MaxNumberOfRequestsPerSession, but it is
advisable that you'll look into reducing the number of remote calls first, since that will speed up your application signficantly and result in a 
more responsive application.

at Raven.Client.Document.InMemoryDocumentSessionOperations.IncrementRequestCount()
at Raven.Client.Document.DocumentSession.SaveChanges()
at WorMaSysUnitTests.WorkOrderTests.ShouldSaveWorkOrderDocument() in WorkOrderTests.cs: line 58

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