Another Successful release... times are good

We STP Heroes J - YES, We have done it AGAIN! J Another milestone success!!


We hear from Business that Sprint 13 Release in PROD is doing great!

Thanks to all for all the hard work on this one other major milestone release that has gone LIVE this morning.


Celebrations… we are just shot of balloons – that is all …J

I have brought in a little Sainsbury's Sweet shop, yes really!!!!!


Keep up the nice work J


Grab the sweets before they vanish. I am running a TPL Parallel LINQ query to eat all sweets….


// A little celeberation in my style… ;) with C#

// Sundar: Start diving into the sweets… use TPL so I can eat ALL, FAST… J

// But of course,  I am running an i7 980X 12 MB cache, with Six-cores… hyper-threaded to 12 virtual cores, mind you…. wohoooo……..


Parallel.ForEach ( sweetsOnMyDesk, oneSweet =>


                // The more sweets I eat here, the greater the speed compared to if I used a non-parallel foreach loop for my eating process J


                var sweet = CeleberationsHelperUtils.UnPackSweet(oneSweet);

                this.Eat(sweet); // I really wanted to say Me.Eat(…) but that would sound like VB.NET ;)  Grrrrrrr……… I am "C# house", baby! J



            // Wow!! what a sweet C# lambda expression I have got there – don't you love it? J



            // Execution done!


     // Let others know I am eating… very fast… using Parallel extensions ;)

            Console.WriteLine("Sundar has completed eating ALL (?) sweets. Press any key to let me continue to work on Sprint 14 J.");


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