Zam-Track on track

Based on current data volumes and interest expressed in the Z-Track platform, we expect to process about 1 million data points this year. Each data item has the following structure:


A JSON representation of this feed looks like this:

ID:800704,GPSValid:A,DateTime:110402201650,Loc:N5121.3489W00011.1780,Speed:000,Dir:230,Temp:NA,Status:47000000,Event:531, Message:CFG:Z31,10,1|

The structure of the data makes it ideal for a document-centric data store. We have evaluated MongoDB as the storage solution; other contenders in the running are CouchDB. Fast data writes and reads are essential for our application.

The feed gives us vast opportunities to integrate with HR, Payroll and financials systems.

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Oskar Pearson said...


I love the idea of document databases, but unfortunately I'm not quite 100% convinced "the time is now" yet.

Paperplanes.de has some notes about mongodb reliability

And of course there's the hilarious Mongo DB is Web Scale video too.

Let us know how it goes!


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