The dark art of Netra t1 105, x86 and custom RS232/RJ45 interconnects

Connecting the Netra 1s to a desktop x86 machine running window XP is proving to be a hard problem. The connection is via a custom built RS232/RJ45 female cable. This connects to the Netra 1's Serial A port. The sun server does not have any OS installed and no media drive, which leaves the null modem option as the only remote management solution. Constrained budgets mean that no extra accessories can be bought to fix the issue.

Alternative approaches are:
1. Re-purpose the RJ45/USB Connector to provide the linkage between the two devices.
2. Ask for more cash to buy SUN compatible hardware which is compatible with the problem domain.
3. Scrap the project - easy to do but not a realistic option.

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